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Birdie Brunch

Welcome to the Birdie Brunch website page

The Birdie Brunch team consists of 5 pupils: Callum, Bradley, Nicholas, Maggie and Mai Anh. Have a look at the photos below to see the fun they are having with their business. The children are using large fir cones, which they fill with a suet, lard and seed mix. Their product retails at £2. The Birdie Brunch products are flying off the shelves.

Look on the 'Tycoon in schools' website to see what we and other schools are doing.

Making the product

Making the product 1 birdie brunch image.jpg
Making the product 2 20161109_143001.jpg
Making the product 3 Fun and messy!.jpg
Making the product 4 Making the Birdie Brunch.jpg
Making the product 5 finished brunches.jpg
Making the product 6 Launch night promotion 2.jpg

Launch Night

Launch Night 1 Birdie Brunch (2).JPG
Launch Night 2 Birdie Brunch.JPG
Launch Night 3 Admiring Birdie Brunch.JPG
Launch Night 4 Birdie brunch taking orders.JPG