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How we stay safe and healthy at Ludham Primary School and Nursery


Our Healthy School status was renewed on 16.09.15 at the silver, enhanced level




The children have been looking around for things that help them keep safe whilst they are at school.


      Lilly spotted a seat-belt safety                       Our caretaker, Mr Hunter keeps hazardous

                poster on the wall                                  substances safely locked away in his room.



Dylan knows our defibrillator is kept             The handrail and brightly coloured carpets are

        in the school office                                 helpful for people who may be visually impaired.



    There are security keypads by the                         Visitors to the school are given a badge 

        front and back entrances.                                                 to wear, like this one.



We have a portable ramp in our school              We looked for safety features in the kitchen,  so that all areas are accessible.                                       including these oven gloves.