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Welcome to the Pampervan website page

The Pampervan team consists of 5 pupils: Amy, Gus, Ruby, Reuben and Erin. Take a look at the photos below to see the fun they have with their business. They are selling a printed box in the design of a red campervan. The box is filled with toiletries to pamper yourself with.

" Pampervan" retails at £7 and makes an ideal present for Christmas. 

Look on the 'Tycoon in schools' website to see what we and other schools are doing.

Product making

Product making 1 Tycoons in Schools group mindmapping with Ian Temperton from Norfolk County Council.JPG
Product making 2 Advertising poster.jpg
Product making 3 Advertising poster2.jpg
Product making 4 Cutting out the template for Pampervan.JPG
Product making 5 P1200838.JPG
Product making 6 P1200839.JPG
Product making 7 Launch night promotion.jpg

Launch Night

Launch Night 1 Pampervan.JPG
Launch Night 2 Lots of interest in Pampervan.JPG
Launch Night 3 Impressed by Pampervan.JPG
Launch Night 4 Ordering Pampervan.JPG
Launch Night 5 Pampervan (2).JPG
Launch Night 6 Pampervan (3).JPG
Launch Night 7 Pampervan (4).JPG
Launch Night 8 Pampervan Going well.JPG
Launch Night 9 Pampervan Thats another order.JPG