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School Year 2019/20


Flapjack February

We will be making Flapjack this year for our Micro-Tyco business.

3 Flapjack bites for 50p. We are selling them at play times for the children to enjoy as a healthy fruity snack and they are dairy free. 


Brown sugar


Golden syrup 





In February business club is joining forces with The Wildhearts Group ' Micro Tyco' entrepreneurial education programme. It is used to raise the aspirations of young people and help those from poorer backgrounds into employment.


Our business is called Fruity February .We are selling fruit smoothies at playtime Mon, Tues & Wed  and on Wednesday after school we will be selling fruit tarts. The smoothies are in shots for 25p  or  cups for 50p and the tarts are £1.

The selling of our smoothies has been a great success, and the selling of fruit tarts on Wednesdays has gone really well. Strawberry tarts seen to be the most popular.

For the final week we made Strawberry and Raspberry Panna  Cottas which also went very well. We also had a  raffle for a Strawberry Pavlova which was won by Scott.


So the aim was to grow you starting £1 as much as you could and ours grew into an amazing £100.30