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Monday 18th May


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” Aesop

Feel Good FRI-YAY! What is something good that you have done for some this week? Remember, it doesn't matter how small it is, it still counts!


Growth Mindset Chapter 5:


Are you excited to see what happens next in the story?

Today we will continue with the story and see what items the boy collected from home and how he made it back to the moon!


How do you think the Alien and the boy feel when they have to say goodbye?

What was in the package that the postman delivered at the end?

I think it would nice for the Alien and the boy to keep in touch, so thought it would be rather lovely if you designed and wrote a postcard from the boy on earth to the Alien on his planet.






Well done for all your effort this week. You have definitely earned some Golden Time!

I miss you all so much and cannot wait to see you again. I hope you are all having lots of fun at home and making the most of this time. We will all be in the history books some day and your children/grandchildren will ask you about what you did during this time!

Have a super weekend. :)



“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”


Theodore Roosevelt

Throw Back Thursday - What is one of your favourite memories from School?

Growth Mindset Chapter 4:


Oliver Jeffers is one of my favourite childrens authors. Do you know any books that he has written and illustrated?

Today we are going to listen to Oliver Jeffers himself reading one of his stories, The Way Back Home. This is a live instagram feed so you may want to forward to around the 4 minute mark where he starts reading the story. I always find it fascinating to listen to the author reading their own story!


Today I just want you to listen to the story to 8.20 where the boy jumps from the moon and parachutes down to earth to collect some things to help fix the plane and the spaceship.


Can you write a list of things that you think he should collect from home to take back to the moon? Please draw pictures next to your items (just incase Aliens cant read).

Next, think about how the boy is going to get back to the moon. Don’t forget, he doesn’t have his plane, he left it on the moon! Can you draw and write down some ideas on how he might get back to help his alien friend?




Lesson 4:









“Throw kindness around like confetti!”

Kid President

Wannabe WEDNESDAY - What do you want to be when you grow up?


Growth Mindset Chapter 3:


Watch this short video about Amelia Earhart.


Did you notice Amelia’s plane? It was called a Lockheed Vega. I would like you to draw a picture of a Lockheed Vega, find out what all the different parts of the plane are called and label them. If you are really interested in planes or this topic, you can investigate what the different parts of the plane do and write this down too. Would any of you like to be a pilot and learn how to fly a plane?


Lesson 3 - Please continue with the Maths lessons. Remember to let us know how these are going!






Today I would like you to build a plane launcher! First you will need to fold your own paper aeroplane. There are lots of tutorials on youtube if you would like some inspiration. Then watch the following video:


I love the idea of you making this as simple or elaborate as you like and seeing how far you can launch your plane!




“And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”


TRAVEL TUESDAY - If you could take a trip to any place, where would you go? You could even draw a picture of this destination!


Please continue to watch Growth Mindset Chapter 2:


Continue your Amelia Earhart fact file from yesterday.


I cannot WAIT to see what you have come up with!


Lesson 2 of the Oak Academy scheme:






Today, I want you to explore the Zumba classes on GoNoodle! Pick and choose whichever songs tickle your fancy and get that heart rate up!







Please note: These activities are designed to support you and your child(ren) during what might be a challenging time. We do not wish to add stress to your days so do as much as you can and make it as fun as you can. Please do not worry if a particular challenge isn't working out and feel free to tweak the activities as you like! We will try and make it as practical and engaging as we can!


Daily activities - Please continue to hear your child read and/or read to your child for 10 minutes daily, using books from your own collections. We would love to see pictures/videos of your child reading, so please post to the school Facebook page.


Feel free to plan your activities around your day, doing them whenever fits best. Make sure you head over to GoNoodle to wake up your bodies and brains if things start getting tough, or get out in the garden for a ‘playtime’!



“A person who has never made a mistake has never tried

anything new.” Albert Einstein.

MINDSET MONDAY - Remember, adding one little word to the end of a sentence can change everything! “I cant do this……YET” I want you and your grow up to focus on this phrase today and shift your mindset to a growth one! Marsh Harriers, teach your grown ups all about growth mindset!

Please watch episode one of 5 short Growth Mindset videos:


This week we continue with our topic of FLIGHT.

To begin this week, please watch this video, where you will listen to the story of Amelia Earhart:


I would like you to create a fact file about Amelia Earhart. You can use any of the information in the story but also spend some time researching Amelia online. I would love your fact file to include pictures too, some that you have created and also maybe some that you have printed out (if you have access to a printer). The fact file can be a small booklet or a poster style, you could even create flaps or pop out sections. Spend some time making this really interesting. This task will run over today and tomorrow, so you have plenty of time to research the amazing Amelia Earhart before you move on to creating the fact file. Remember to include unusual facts that not many people know about her!

Here are some ideas:



How are you getting on with your Hit The Button scores? I would love to know how you are improving!

This week we are going to work on Shape, space and measure. Some of this will hopefully be revision for you children but there will be new concepts and ideas to tackle. I would like you to use the Oak National Academy plans. These are nice and simple, short and self explanatory. Please do give me feedback on how you and your child get on! There is always a quiz at the beginning of each lesson. Please do not worry if your child does not know the answers, this is to determine how much they know before the lesson begins.





I would like you to find a picture of Amelia Earhart and create a portrait of her. You can use any media you wish, you may choose pens, pencils, paint or pastels. You may decide to create the portrait on paper, cardboard, wood or newspaper. You may like to use collage techniques or draw on the pavement using chalks. I cannot wait to see your creations!


Start with the outline shape of her face and then plan where her eyes, nose, mouth and ears will roughly sit. Remember, it doesn't have to look exactly like the photo, everybody sees things differently and each of you will create something beautifully individual!