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Meet the Governors

Who are we?

Staff Governors, including the Head teacher, who are teachers and other staff employed by the school and elected to the governing body by staff. Staff governors represent the views of staff at Ludham Primary at governing body meetings.

Community Governors who are appointed by the governing body to represent the local community. Community governors ensure that Ludham is part of the local community.

Local Authority (LA) Governors who are appointed by the LA which maintains the school. They do not work for the LA but are people who live or work locally and are interested in supporting a local school. LA governors bring different perspectives to the governing body.

Parent Governors who are voted onto the governing body by other parents of children who attend the school. Parent governors play an important role in shaping the education and experience of their children at Ludham Primary.


What do we do?

Governors make collective decisions as part of the Governing Body. Our main purpose is to help raise the educational standards and performance of Ludham Primary School and Nursery by supporting the work of the Head teacher and school staff. We ensure that the school runs effectively, that quality teaching and learning is happening across the school, that the budget is spent wisely and that Ludham Primary School and Nursery provides good value for money.

We make strategic decisions on how the school is run, always seeking to ensure the very best for our parents, children and the wider community. We govern rather than manage, giving direction and focus. The management of the school remains the responsibility of the Head teacher. We are responsible for:

· Appointing the Head teacher and ensuring the implementation of a range of personnel procedures

· Managing the school's budget

· Determining aims, policies and priorities for Ludham Primary School and Nursery

· Monitoring and evaluating the work of the school and setting targets

· Ensuring high levels of attendance and good standards of pupil behaviour

· Ensuring that all children in the school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, suitable to their age, aptitude and ability, which prepares them for adult life

· Ensuring the health and safety of pupils and staff


We meet 6 times annually, once each half term. In addition to these full Governing Body meetings, our committees also meet at least once a term. The committee members discuss items in depth and make recommendations to the full governing body.


Governing body 2018/19




Name Position Responsibilities Date term finishes
Mrs C. Willoughby Chair person                Finance, H&S, Buildings & Grounds, HT Perf Man,  Pers Comm & Pay, Link Governor. 31/08/2022
Mr J. Bartlett Parent Finance, ICT/Website, Link Governor  
Mrs. C. Cordiner-Achenbach Parent Curr, SEND, Nursery 30/09/2020
 Mrs S Farnsworth Community Curr, SEND, Nursery, Safeguarding, Link Governor 31/08/2021
Mrs S Hewitt Parent Curr, SEND, Nursery, HT Perf Man,  Pers Comm & Pay, Link Governor. 07/11/2019
Mr J. Jenkins Parent H&S, Buildings & Grounds, Link Governor 18/10/2021
Mr J King Co-opted H&S, Buildings & Grounds, Link Governor  
Mrs C crosbie Staff   31/08/2022
Mrs H Middleton Community Safeguarding, Link Governor 18/10/2021
Mr M Moore Headteacher    
Vacancy LA Governor    
Mrs J Web Clerk    


A Register of Business Interests.

 Each Governor has declared they have no business or pecuniary interests in Ludham Primary School and Nursery.

  date date date date date date
Mrs C. Willoughby            
Mr J. Bartlett            
Mrs. C. Cordiner-Achenbach            
 Mrs S Farnsworth            
Mrs S Hewitt            
Mr J. Jenkins            
Mr J King            
Miss A Lovejoy            
Mrs H Middleton            
Mr M Moore