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‘The Carnival of the animals’ is a selection of pieces of music which are supposed to sound like different creatures. Listen to each of the pieces in the links below. Do you think the music sounds like the bird it is supposed to be representing? Can you identify any of the instruments being used? Can you mime the movements of each bird for a family member to guess?


Carnival of the Animals - Aviary

Hens and roosters

The Cuckoo


Extra: do some research into one of the instruments you can hear - what is it made from? How is the sound produced? Which family of instruments does it belong to? How is it made? Find another piece of music which features this instrument.


Watch ‘The Flight of the Bumblebee’ using the link below. Imagine how the bee is moving through the air - try making up some movement or dance moves to fit the music. 

Flight of the Bumblebee