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Welcome to Owl Class

Below are slide shows of class activities last year. These will be replaced as the new term commences. 
Owl class had a visit to Norwich Cathedral, to learn more about pilgrimages.

Roman Project - Homework

The children could pick a topic area based on the Romans. Food and drink, Roman army, Roman buildings. They had to research their choice then produce a poster and a model. Take a look at their brilliant work.

Owl class had a 2 day Puppetry Workshop. This was a follow on from their visit to the Norwich Puppet Theatre. They made puppets for a Romans news report to go with their topic work. The created the theatre backdrops to go the with their scenes. Then performed their puppets shows for their parents. 

Norwich Puppet Theatre

On Monday 8th January, Owl Class went to the Norwich Puppet Theatre. Whilst there, we watched a fantastic production of the Pied Piper of Hamlin and got to ask the talented puppeteer some questions. After lunch, we then got to meet the puppets as well! A lucky few also got to use some of the puppets from a range of different shows, learning about the different types of puppets and how to operate them.

Everyone had a great day and some even felt that it was the best trip they had ever been on! We are certainly looking forward to March when someone from the puppet theatre will be coming into school for a two day workshop, during which the children will be making their own puppets and putting together their own performance.

Owl class Stone Age house projects.

Owl class in their science lesson

Pupils and parents from Owl Class on the Maths day