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School Council 2016/17

The aims of our School Council are to enhance the lives of the whole school community.  The School Council meets regularly to discuss matters related to school improvement.


Children can make suggestions to their class representatives either directly or by putting their comment into the suggestions box. The School Council also communicates with the rest of the school via meetings, assemblies, and posters.  



The Speaker of The House of Commons Award 2017

The School Council has been discussing this year's competition. They want to promote new enterprise skills in school and involve the community. Click on the logo above to go to the website to find out more.


Past School Councils:

Have talked about how we stay safe at Ludham Primary School by interviewing people who work in the school and asking questions about how they ensure good health and safety in and outside of school. They also helped to compile a questionnaire about safety.


Discussed ways to develop our outdoor environment. The children looked at a range of outdoor equipment to extend our Trim Trail. Pupils voted on their preferred choices of play equipment and the Parents’ Committee agreed to fund some of these items.  


Tycoon in Schools Competition 2016

The School Council discussed ideas for businesses which could be run in our school, to make a profit.

Three teams were created and business plans were submitted to the Peter Jones Foundation Tycoon in Schools Competition, on 30th September 2016. All three plans have been accepted. Our trading period runs from 31st October - 17th December.   


Here are the company names chosen by each business team:

1. 'Pampervan' - a luxury campervan shaped box filled with toiletries

2. 'Birdie Brunch' - a large pine cone, bird feeder, filled with suet and seeds

3. 'Hands On' - A picture frame, containing a print of a child's hand, + name and date


All monies raised from the 3 businesses will go to Village Water, a charity supported by our school. Village Water helps to dig bore holes, to access fresh drinking water, in places like Zambia. Better sanitation and fresh, clean water helps to reduce the risks of poor health from waterborne diseases.

To find out more about the competition we are entering, please go to:


2015 Parliament Flag Design Project 

In 2015, our school was chosen to design a flag to represent North Norfolk, to mark the 750th anniversary of the Montfort parliament which paved the way to the House of Commons.


2015 Anti-Bullying Competition

The School Council regularly discuss ways we can stay safe and look at anti-bullying measures, focussing on developing positive behaviour strategies. Our school ‘Anti-bullying Charter’ was compiled using the children’s suggestions and ideas. The children also participated in a ‘Stamp out Bullying’ Campaign and they designed Anti-bullying posters to display around school, as part of an Anti-bullying poster competition.


Speaker’s School Council Award 2014

In May 2014, the School Council was delighted to be selected as ‘runner-up in the 7-11 years category of the 2014 Speaker’s School Council Awards. The judges were really impressed with their project ‘Ludham’s Leading Learners’. The children looked at ways they could become involved in leading various learning activities across the school. Norman Lamb, MP, presented our School Council with a certificate and engraved plaque as a celebration of their work.